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Our Journey with the Red Scarlet-X Begins - Video Production Companies in San Antonio with RED Camera

Our Journey with the Red Scarlet-X Begins

We have been dreaming of getting our first RED camera, and a couple weeks ago our dream came true. It is now part of our camera family. Our first commercial shoot with the RED starts tomorrow, and our crew is excited to start rolling......


.....Next Day :). Shooting with the RED was amazing. We are so happy that we made this investment. We are excited to be able to bring this great camera to our clients. We will be able to bring them 4K footage, at a great price. I sometimes have to spend time explaining to certain clients what the RED camera is and what exaclty 4K acutally is, but once they understand they are impressed. We always want our clients to have the best quality. There are only a handful of companies that carry the RED camera in San Antonio, and we are happy to be one of them.

The footage we shot yesterday came out amazing. The quality is undeniable. There were not many drawback except for the camera being a little heavy, but we were able to use tripods and shoulder mounts to make the shooting process easier. You can hold the camera, but it is a little hard to do for an extended period of time. We just need to start lifting more

We will be shooting a new commercial in the next few days, and I promise to bring you more details, including pros and cons of the RED.



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Video Production Companies in San Antonio with RED Camera

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